Missing of total sum on a lot of tables


when going to E-Commerce → Sales (for example) you get a list of the Channes Types with a total revenue in each line. What I’m missing is a sum of all the revenues at the beginning er end of the table. Is there a way (plugin?) which does that?

yeah, there are ways to achieve that. One option is to use a plugin or extension specifically designed for adding a sum of revenues in an E-Commerce sales table. You can search for plugins or extensions compatible with your E-Commerce platform or spreadsheet software. Look for features like “sum of revenues” or “total revenue calculation” to find the most suitable for your needs.

Also, you can manually calculate the sum of revenues by selecting the revenue values in the table and using the built-in functions of ur soft.

I hope this helps :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for your reply! Unfortunately, a saerch for “sum of revenues” or “total revenue calculation” doesn’t give any results on https://plugins.matomo.org/. Are there other sources you can use top search for plugins?

Hi @Cangoou
Indeed, that’s strange: with other displays (Simple table, Table with Visitor engagement metrics), you can configure to get the total rows… But this is not possible in the Table with Goals metrics display.

I suggest you create a feature request ticket at: