Missing information boxes on Admin page

Hi all,

since I upgraded the Matomo version to 4.1.1, the admin page has no longer displaying the boxes with system information, summary of system check, summary of tracking issues, etc. Actually the page is just displaying "Need help? " box.

Is there a way to fix it?


Can you check your browsers developer tools for errors on that page?

Do you use any plugins like Whitelabel?

Hi Lukas,

there is no error on Chrome’s DevTools.
I`m using all plugins available on Premium Bundle.


I am not sure, but can you maybe try temporarily disabling the White Label plugin?

It worked. After I deactivated White Label plugin, the admin page is working fine.

Thank You


I think this is intentional as the WhiteLabel plugin removes any mention of Matomo.

But I forwarded this to the premium plugin team so that they can give a proper answer.

Hi there,

Yes, this is expected behaviour for white label.