Missing format=php for connecting with API - needed by piwik-dotnet-api


is this normal that format type “php” has been removed from latest matomo 4.x version? I’m connecting to matomo using c# library from here:

(I know it was not updated for a long time but it worked up to latest 3.x version). When you look here:

you will see that sendRequest method is using:

string url = URL + "/?module=API&format=php";

but API returns that php value for format param is not valid.



Yes, it was intentionally removed:

It is really weird that the C# API implementation is parsing a weird php-internal format instead of just requesting the data as JSON.

That said, you are probably faster if you know C# if you just write a bit of code that fetches the data from the API you need and uses the output than if you try to get this code, which is unmaintined for a long time, to work.

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