Missing data in reports with a large date range

Does Matomo use sampling or another method that would exclude data on low-use pages from appearing in reports?

I’ve seen this pattern on many of our low-use pages in the Behaviour / Pages report:

If I look at use on a single day, I can see usage of that page on that day. In this example, the date is August 28, 2022:

If I set the date range for the whole month of August 2022, in the same report, I get no usage on that page:

We’ve invalidated and reprocessed the data/reports, without any change. We have the Custom Reports plugin, and any custom report we build shows the same issue.

There is a parameter, for reports to limit the number of rows (500 by default).
Then if your page is not one of the top 500 on the whole month, then it can’t appear in the filter (it would appear in the “Other” category).
Have a look there:

Thank you! I’m almost certain this is the cause.