Misbehavior of Live Plugin in Piwik 1.7.1

lately I have updated the Piwik installation to the latest 1.7.1 version, in 4 different websites, and in all of them, suddenly, the Live Plugin started misbehaving - the widget in the dashboard shows entries of March, 18th as if they have been just made.

Something similar happens in the Visitors’ Log.

If I select, say, yesterday, I do see entries from March, 20th, or if I select the 19th, I see entries from the 19th. But selecting today (21st) it shows all entries from 18th, 19th, 20th and 21st together in the same page.

I’ve checked whether the latest updates have been applied, and so it seems (checking the 1.7-b1.php file in the Updates folder against the actual state of the database).

Apart from that, all the rest seems to be working fine.

Any idea about how to proceed to investigate the issue?


some collateral considerations… the main purpose of using Piwik in those websites is to have the live plugin working, the history of past visits is relatively unimportant to the websites’ owner… I could downgrade to a previous version of Piwik - which used to work for me - and eventually also completely reset the database… but I really dislike these options.

If anybody in the Piwik team is looking into the issue or if anybody simply has a pointer about what to check to provide more information about the issue, a feedback would be more than welcome, I’d like to stick with the latest version without dropping any data, regardless from the websites’ owner point of view.

Thanks a lot for your attention.

Update: truncating these tables…


…somehow fixed the issue with the live plugin, I might have lost a handful hours of records from today, but the data from yesterday and before seems to be fine.

I’ll wait for tomorrow to see whether the live plugin starts over remaining stuck.

one day passed and the live plugin continues working properly after the truncation of those tables… I have no idea about what happened but it solved the issue, and that’s pretty much what I needed for now.