Migration: You can't access this resource as it requires 'view' access for the website id = 1

Hi, I’ve recently migrated a Matomo install from one host to another. To do this, I made a backup of my Matomo table and copied the files across to the new host as I’d done many times before. On the new host, I was able to see stats for my site, I then ran the auto update to 3.11.0. Since then, I’m getting the dreaded “You can’t access this resource as it requires ‘view’ access for the website id = 1.” message.

Curiously, if I goto Settings > Users; no users are listed from within Matomo. If I look at the actual table in phpmyadmin, there is clearly a user with super admin access. I’m also not able to add new users or sites in Matomo as it tells me I need to be logged in to create users. Which is odd, as I had already logged in and would assume being logged in a requirement before entering the Settings page.

This particular Matomo install dates back to the Piwik days from 2012; if possible I’d like to not lose all that data. I do have the original host still running, however it was on a budget shared plan, when I tried to upgrade to 3.10.x the upgrade had an error mid-process. At this stage, neither install is working.

I’ve looked online for several nights now without any success for a solution. If I were to do a clean install of Matomo in another sub-domain, could I simply import the old piwik_archive_blob and piwik_archive_numeric tables into a new install to retain the data? I’d guess it couldn’t possibly be that simple…

have you tried logging in from a different browser? does logging in a super user work? can you open the Administration > System check and does it say anything interesting?

you would never have to lose the data with Matomo we can try help you find the root cause.