Migration problem

I’m trying to migrate Matomo from one server to another, following the instructions at https://matomo.org/faq/how-to-install/faq_76/

I exported the db from the old server and imported it into a new db on the new server. Per the 5 minute install I uploaded all the files, and then navigated to the new url. Both installs are v5.03, though I had to upgrade the install on the old server.

I see the Welcome message, then the System Check and get to the Database Setup page. I add all my db details, including the table prefix for the imported tables, and click Next.

On the Creating the Tables page, I get this warning:

Some tables in your ‘’ database have the same names as the tables Matomo is trying to create

And I am offered these options after it lists all the tables it found:

If I choose Reuse the existing tables » it ‘thinks’ for a bit, then I see a quick page load with a splash of red for a split second before it returns to the Welcome page, where I can start all over again. (Obviously, I don’t want to delete the detected tables.)

Is this a problem with a difference between the installs & databases? And is there any other way to migrate data without doing it like it’s still 2005? I can’t believe Matomo doesn’t have a proper import/export option, which is not a great look for something that claims to be an alternative to Google.

Hi @Sunsama
I think after you unzipped Matomo files, you should also copy the configuration files… (maybe with some little updates, like the new DB server name, for example…)

It wasn’t worth the effort to figure it out, I’m testing Piwik Pro instead.