Migration from Google Analitics to PIWIK

Hello all,

I am currently using Google Analytics for my web page www.vipyachtworld.com
Google gives too much information and I found their system not useful. When I saw Piwik, it seem to me a bit different than other systems. Can anyone tell me the main differences between both systems, I may use Piwik for my future analytics solutions.

Thanks in advance, Inanc.

Other disadvantage what Google is not able to fit my expectations is that, I am not able to control all of my web pages in one single platform page. I own 4 more web pages. These are:


I need to see all analitcs information for all these above sites in one single page. Is Piwik able to do this? This is very important for me.

Thank you, Inanc


Tracking multiple domains into one website is simple with piwik. Just add the same tracking code to all.

All in all the setup is pretty similar to Googl Analytics, you add the tracking code to your website.

More information:

Thank you Lukas, I will give it a try…