Migrating Piwik, do I need to re-archive?

Hi all, I am in the process of migrating my Piwik with about 1 year worth of data. The total data (without all the archive tables) is over 5GB. I migrated the data using mysqldump for exporting the data and import the data using mysql command. All is good and Piwik is running. However I got errors when I tried to run

php console core:archive

I would like to get some help to resolve the error but I need to confirm first, because I didn’t include all archive tables during migration (as in the documentation), do I really need to do re-archiving?


If you didn’t include archive tables, you have to re-archive. If these tables are really not big, I suggest moving them as well.

What’s the error message?

@quba Thanks for your response. I have managed to do re-archive though it took about 1 hour to run.

The error message that I got was

MySQL server has gone away or
Got an error reading communication packets or
Got an error writing communication packets

I thought it was strange because I’ve been able to do the import of dump file successfully without issue. But I spent too much time fine-tuning the my.ini without success. Finally I change the FastCGI timeout setting and it works now.

FYI: How do I fix the error "Mysql Server has gone away"? - Analytics Platform - Matomo

I am aware of that. That’s why I spent too much time tweaking my my.ini configuration while eventually the FastCGI timeout setting that solved the issue. Cheers.