Migrating paid Plugins to a new Matomo Server


i’ve installed a new Matomo Server because i want to migrate the old one from another location to the new one.

Both have the same version already and most Plugins are installed. The problem is that my “old” Matomo has a few paid plugins. How can i migrate them to the new instance including the license keys? Iam not able to install the Plugin in the new instance before i migrate because i’d have to pay for a new license.

Thank you in advance!

Can you tell me that how many plugins do you want to migrate?


I can’t speak for the premium plugin support team (I have forwarded your post so they can respond), but I think as long as there is only one Matomo instance accessible to visitors/non-admins it should be fine if you add the license key to the new instance, migrate the data over and remove it then from the old server.

Hi Taliyah,

You need to run both instances at once? One would be considered stageing and the other production. Our subscription guide allows you to run both at the same time.

Please see the last paragraph here: Matomo Premium Features Subscription Guide – Matomo On-Premise Marketplace