Migrating from selfhosted to wordpress plugin

how can I move a database (1 page) to the wordpress plugin?

Thank you

Perhaps it is possible with the Migration plugin: GitHub - matomo-org/plugin-Migration: Migrate a Matomo Measurable (website, app, roll-up, ...) from one Matomo instance to another Matomo

well I installed the plugin from the marketplace BUT how do i initiate the transfer?

Hi, to initiate the transfer you need access to the server, as explained on the plugin page.

  • You need access to your Matomo server and be able to execute a command on the console see usage.
  • Make sure you have updated both Matomo servers to the same Matomo version or have at least the same DB structure.

If this is the case, you can enter the command on the server to copy the data.

Hopefully this works.

I have used the plugin a while a go and it worked for me.

thanks Peter.

where do i enter that? my matomo runs on a webhost, where i have to console access. i use one.com

You have to go to the map of Matomo on the server.
There you can find the console command and can enter the command ./console

 ./console migration:measurable --source-idsite=1 --target-db-host= --target-db-username=root --target-db-password=secure --target-db-name=piwik2

I really have no idea where i have to enter the code

Hi, I have searched on one.com and you can setup a SSH connection with your server: see Secure Shell: Access your web space via SSH | One.com blog
It looks like MS-DOS… :slight_smile:

When you go to the map like servername/html/matomo you can enter the command.

Does this help?

Thank you Peter! I will give it a try!