Migrate from PIWIK 2.x to Matomo 3.x

Trying to migrate from Piwik2.x to Matomo 3.x with MySql data migration
Successfully installed Matomo3.x on Apache .
On MySql side, exported Piwik schema using MYSqlWorkBench and imported it to new version of MySql
I can see the tables imported and the data successfully.

Issue : Matomo UI is not referring to or not showing anything related to the imported data in MySql.
I can see “Matamo_ table” and “Piwik_ tables” in the MySql db.

Maybe i missed a step in setup … if anybody has steps please forward…

Any help is appreciated.


As per the below link, is it correct to assume that we cannot migrate from Piwik2.x to Matomo 3.x with existing user data and tables ? Meaning we will have to start fresh ?



Shouln’t it be possible to copy the whole 2.X instance to another server (or just backup directory and database) and than do an update to 3.X via webclient or tarball and letting matomo update the database afterwards? @Lukas

@Lukas, thank you for responding … I am looking for the 2nd line of your comment …
"do an update to 3.x via webclient or tarball and letting matomo update the database afterwards? "

  • When i run thru the install process of Matomo, at the point where it asks for MySql details, it seems to allow only “Matomo_” table prefix and when i edit it to “piwik_” as the table prefix it was giving error …

Am i missing anything here or there is another step or steps that i need to perform ?



I think you are on the right way. You need to use the same version of Piwik 2.x on the new server (so either copy it over or get it from https://builds.piwik.org/) and need to set the same table prefix (piwik_).
Afterwards when you got an exact copy running, you can upgrade it to the latest Matomo version.

It may be helpful, if you could post the error here as it seems like that’s what needs to be solved.

Oh ok… I missed the part “need to use the same version of Piwik 2.x” and then upgrade …
I will do that first … and then to follow the next step of “Upgrade it to the latest Matomo version” - is there any documented list of steps that i can look at ?

Appreciate your help!


Regarding updating you can look into this docs: Update Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Was able to migrate from 2.x to 3.4.
I can see migrated data… UI has some warnings , some errors which i believe would have fixable answers.
During migration, there were some errors like couple of tables missing which were searchable and added to resolve the issue…
I did face some other issues like PHP version had to be updated, Migration from MySql latter to newer version also an issue … etc…

Appreciate the help!