Migrate from Matomo to Google Analytics

I have used Matomo for some years, and it worked as it should (it still works). Now we will reduce the number of our servers and a decision was that we will move analytics to Google Analytics. I’m a big fan of Matomo, but the CEO decide to move.
Any idea how to move existing data from Matomo (on premise)?

Is migration possible?

I have never heard such need :wink:
Also with privacy rules in Europe (maybe soon in America?), most companies leave GA for another tracking tool…
Some articles for your boss:

Coming back to your need, maybe Google provides such tool? But Matomo won’t as they already don’t have enough time to develop all what the want, I am not sure they will develop something to help people to leave Maotmo… :thinking:

It is all clear, don’t worry. GDPR is important, I fully understand that, but using Matomo costs and GA is free. For many bosses it is the most important thing on the world, like it or not.

Back to migrating - it looks that GA supports importing from CSV. I will look at it.