Metrics missing for certain pages and certain dates/date ranges

Hi all,

I’ve noticed that metrics from the Behaviour reports are missing for certain pages depending on the date or date range selected. I first noticed this when using the Matomo API to retrieve these metrics. For a given URL and date/date range combination, no data was returned. I confirmed this in the UI: for that date/date range, the URL did not appear.

I found this FAQ which seems to describe this situation: Almost all reports and dates are working fine except one or a small number of days/weeks/months/date ranges which display zero visit. How do I fix this issue and restore the missing data? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

The remedy seems to be to regenerate reports as described here: How do I force the reports to be re-processed from the logs? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo

However, we have a small Web site and so we have “archive reports when viewed from the browser” set to “yes”. So I’m not sure that regenerating the reports from the logs will have any affect. Have I understood this correctly?

Any other input on how to address this problem would be appreciated.