Message d'erreur .../Filecache.php(250) à l'ouverture de Matomo 4.13.1

Depuis quelques jours j’ai cet avertissement à l’ouverture de Matomo. Comment résoudre cette erreur.
WARNING: /vendor/matomo/doctrine-cache-fork/lib/Doctrine/Common/Cache/FileCache.php(250): Notice - tempnam(): file created in the system’s temporary directory - Matomo 4.13.1

@SteveG is it a Matomo bug?

I’ve seen that one before. But I don’t know how to recreate it. It should only occur if tempnam tries to create a file in the systems temp directory. But we are actually providing a custom directory for caching. Just a guess in the wild: Maybe they changed the config and overwrote the Matomo tmp directory to use the system temp dir instead?