Merging old permalink stats with new permalink stats

I recently had a website redesign. The new website has the same content as the old site, but the developers changed the URL structure for many pages and posts.

For example, the page that was formerly:

now has the new URL:

Obviously, my Piwik stats are currently messed up, without continuity between the old and the new.

My question is: Is there a way for me to merge the two sets of statistical data? So that Pwik will know that the old Deviance in the Dark page is the same as the new Deviance in the Dark page. So that I can track long-term stats on total pageviews, etc.

I have a .CSV file with all of the old URLs and new URLs in two different columns. Is there a way to feed this into Piwik?

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Anyone with any thoughts on whether this can or can’t be done?