Merge two piwik instances including the databases


we have a piwik instance thats running with profiles using java script and also log import to load the data. Lets call this setup piwik01. we have another instance just using the java script for loading the data and call this setup as piwik02. we want to move the JS only instance & db(piwik02) to piwik01 so that we have only one setup taking care of all the profiles. can this be done without losign any data? as there might be same id_sites in two instances, I am thinking there might be an issue with duplicates. please let me know.


Hi there,

You can use the SiteMigration plugin:

This sounds great! But the migration tool is tested on Piwik 2.x branch/version so far. Is it also working on the 3.x version which of course :wink: a majority of us runs?


As the plugin isn’t developed by piwik, but a third-party developer, you’ll need to ask them (on their github repository)

But as it hasn’t been updated for some time, I wouldn’t assume that it works completely bug-free.