Menu has disappeared

(Michael) #1

Hi, I used to have a main menu at the top of the page and a side menu on the left. Both seem to have disappeared and it doesn’t seem obvious how to get them back.

(Lukas Winkler) #2


Can you open your browsers developer tools (F12) and check if there are any errors on the console or failed requests in the network tab?

Do you have Matomo installed in a subdirectory of e.g. another CMS (which .htaccess might be interfering)?

(Michael) #3

There don’t sem to be any problems listed there. In any event, the stats page is working fine. It’s just that I used to be able to link to the settings directly at the top of the page, and the pages, actions, referrers etc, were available on the left side until a few days ago.

(Lukas Winkler) #4


Does work correctly for you?

Does this happen in multiple browsers/devices?

(Michael) #5

Yes, your demo works for me on all browsers. My page works on Firefox but not Chrome it seems.

(Michael) #6

I have reinstalled Chrome and all is working now, thanks.