Memberpress revenue tracking

G’day team
I’m considering switching from GA.
My site uses Memberpress and Learndash and one of the issues I have with GA is that there’s no Checkout success metrics and $ totals for revenue tracking. This is because Memberpress is not an ecommerce tool.

Does Matomo track transactions?

PS Admins… why does the topic title have to be 15 characters?


You might be interested in the Ecommerce Analytics Feature:

That’s a default by discourse (the software we are using) and makes sure that the titles stay unique even with the over 24000 threads that already exist here on the forum. (And so people can find existing threads in the search).

@Lukas thanks for that link… BUT you haven’t confirmed that Memberpress is definitely included in the ecommerce tracking feature set.
Because it’s not actually ecommerce, it’s a subscription service.
If you can confirm (show a screenshot?)


As long as you can call the correct JS functions for Matomo whenever a user interacts with the “store”, ecommerce tracking should work. But you would probably need to write this integration yourself.