Member Specific Statistics

Hello All,
Posting for the first time here so please be nice :slight_smile:

Anyways, I have developed a application / website for a client which is very similar to a music streaming+downloads system.

I am planning to use Piwik for the tracking of visitors on the site (will work perfectly). My second thought was to give each logged in user a statistical report (mini-piwik if u want to have a name to it) - just for his own page. (He logs into his admin account and gets the stats).

for example the main site is -
a contributing musician will be at[name of musician]/profile

We want to give that contributing musician a statistics of the number of visitors, unique visitors, etc. I wanted to know if it is at-all possible to do, and if so, is there any documentation or help that someone can lend me.

I studied the code a bit, but i understand that it runs on a root level, i did not understand how i can make it page specific.

Thank you,

This is possible, there are several ways to do it, please contact Pro Services for β€œPro” help: