Media Analytics

Hi ,

I have installed media analytics plugin , Before installing media plugin i created/added website added the code to my andriod app using sdk…

my piwik analytics dashboard showing tracking details for mobile app but its not showing for any videos, if i open the media plugin tab its shows “No video or audio activity has been recorded yet for sitename”.


Hi Kannan,

Thanks for reaching out. Currently, Media Analytics is not supported in Android/iOS native mobile apps, as it requires a browser to execute the Media analytics tracking code. We hope to add this feature in the future. Thanks,

Is there any update on the availability of Android/iOS support ?

Hi @darkHarry ,

I’m sorry we don’t have a better option for your use case currently.
Of course nothing is written in stone, and if our product team sees other requests like yours to make changes that may change. I can’t make any promises what the future holds, so I want to be honest about our current plans here.

Alright, Thanks for letting me know, much appreciated. :smile: