Media Analytics - JW Player integration


I just setup a new Media Analytics instance, and i try to track a JW player instance. The tracking working fine, but the video url is always change.

The second, and third parameter is hash, i would like to skip that paramteter. It change for every user.

I could setup a title tag for jw player, but i don’t know how to use the data-piwik-title and data-piwik-resource tags on the video object. Becouse it is created by the JW player.

Any idea?

This is indeed tricky. Problem is flowplayer seems to not really let you set any attributes. In your website HTML, I presume you have a div like

<div id="player_1"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
    file: "test.mp4"

or do you integrate JW Player differently?

We could add a new feature to recognize a custom resource on the “player_1” div or maybe add a custom option to JW Player

We have just released a new version that lets you set a custom resource URL for jwplayer. Have a look at Enriching and Restricting: Integrate - Piwik Analytics - Developer Docs - v3 to see how it works. Unfortunately, it was not possible to use an HTML attribute as JW player completely replaces the DIV element. Also it needs a playlist item in order to set custom attributes unfortunately.


I change the jw player embed code, but it seems don’t change the sending url.
And the code send two http request in every 10 second:

	file: '//',
	width: '600',
	height: '360',
	aspectratio: '16:9',
	autostart: true,
	androidhls: 'true',
	mute: false,
    hlshtml: true,
    fallback: false,
    title: "m4",
    piwikResource: "//"