Measuring Page Conversion Rates


I noticed that Piwik goals and conversions are tracked per visit. Is it possible to display the conversion rate per page? For example, if I have a subscription form on the side of every page and wanted to know which page gets the most subscriptions.



Not possible (it would be very nice I agree)

It looks like I can get fairly close to measuring conversion rate per page by using custom variables. At the moment I track form submissions and shares something like this:

    _paq.push(['setCustomVariable', 3, 'Shares', 'Twitter', 'page']);

_paq.push([‘setCustomVariable’, 4, ‘Events’, 'New Subscription, ‘page’]);

Then I can segment the data to see only views with shares or events attached. This gives me aggregate data but I’m wondering if there is an easy way to get Piwik to show this as a conversion ratio. Something like

    Actions with Shares variable /  Actions without Shares variable

or more accurately

    Actions with Shares variable /  (Actions without Shares variable - Actions with Shares variable)


+1 on adding new feature : Conversion Rate per page
Conversion Rate per page could help to compare how different pages “work” - IMHO lots of us need this

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