Mean generation time


I would like to suggest three new features about mean generation time.

  • To be abble to define the period to compute the mean. Now this is the day, but it would be great if there was a parameter to compute the mean generation time. To be get the mean generation time for period like 10’ or 15’.

  • To manage the PRG pattern, and to get the form processing time; in the cas of PRG pattern, the generation is meaningless

  • To be able to “send” to another tool like Centreon some data of Piwik using SNMP protocol, or to integrate a SNMP agent in Piwik


I don’t know enough about how this works to say how easy this could be added.

As you can see here Matomo just fetches the simplest case of the JavaScript performance API.

If you know a way to get more detailed data from the performance API ( or data after a POST/redirect, then this could be added either by default or as a plugin.

This sounds like a great use case for a plugin. I don’t know how easy this is to implement.


Thanks for your answer.

Two comments:

  • For the mean generation time and PRG pattern, i do not know how it could be managed except with something like the post creates a record with a token, the get creates a record with the same token and Piwik computes the generation time.

  • About SNMP, this is easy, i guess that all languages provide SNMP libraries, at least Python does