Maxmind webservice integration

Hi - I successfully installed the Maxmind Geo ip database on piwik and it worked great - now I want to test their Omni web service - I understand webservices and I have the code here however I am not sure how I set up this on Piwik .

I searched the Maxind site for Piwik specific instructions so I contacted Maxmind direct but the said “We weren’t actually involved in the integration with Piwik, so I’m not sure what steps would be needed to use the web services with it.”

So I am hoping that someone on the forums can advise me on this integration?

Regards, Garrett

Piwik does not support maxmind webservice, for performance reasons. see how to setup maxmind: Geo Locate your visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo

thanks Matt

hmm - maybe this have not to be done live, but via a nightly cron which adds additional data
live: datybase
each night: at more (orginisation etc… ) and better (more accurate) data to each visit

using data was already an idea back in 2012 GeoIP v2 (List of improvements) · Issue #3442 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

since I think this would really be a great possibility to enhance piwiks geoip data quality, I open a new ticket for it: 3. possibility to receive GEOIP-Data · Issue #8121 · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

ive done a similar cron job using ipaddresslabs service to update the piwik_log_visit. only issue is the archive reports have incorrect data after updating piwik_log_visit. although i guess you could purge the archive_blog and archive_numeric tables.