Matomo yields no data, cannot be accessed via SSL


I have setup Matomo on my VPS (Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache) to track my website (
I followed this tutorial.

I access Matomo successfully in my browser by navigating to http://my.vps.ip/matomo, but I can’t see any data.

I am new to this and kind of lost, but I suspect it might be because my website has SSL setup (I used certbot) and Matomo hasn’t.
My browser’s console shows this error when accessing my website, raised by the Matomo javascript code:

GET https://my.vps.ip/matomo/matomo.js net::ERR_ABORTED 404 (Not Found)

How can I setup SSL for Matomo, so that I can access it by navigating to https://my.vps.ip/matomo, when I simply unzipped it in /var/www/html/matomo ?
I don’t have any specific domain name for matomo to use certbot with.
And I understand from this link that certbot (Let’s Encrypt) can only be used on a specific domain name and not on a bare IP.

The Matomo directory can be found in /var/www/html/matomo.
My website’s directory is stored elsewhere in /home/path/to/mydomain.

I haven’t followed step 7 of the first tutorial Create an Apache Virtual host, because I don’t understand what domain to use.
Do I need a specific domain name just for matomo for this step?

Many thanks in advance for your help,



Correct, a HTTPS website can’t embed resouces from non-HTTPS websites.

You can (with very few exceptions) only get an SSL certificate for a domain. But this shouldn’t matter as domains are not a limited resource. So simply create a new subdomain and set Matomo up there. Then you can use certbot to set up HTTPS for it.

Thank you for you reply.

I was confused with how domains work.

Thanks to your explanation, I easily:

  • created a subdomain form my domain name registrar
  • obtained a SSL certificate for that subdomain using certbot
  • created an Apache Virtual host for this subdomain

And now everything seems to work.

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