Matomo WP Plugin Dashboard not showing


I’m using the Wordpress Plugin (beta).
The Summary in the Wordpress admin section is working fine.
But when I tap on “reporting” the matomo dashboard is showing nothing except the navigation elements.
The center of the screen remains empty when I tap any link from the left menu.

The firefox inspector says:

Possibly unhandled rejection: null asset_manager_core_js.js:230:492
    e https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:230
    get https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:202
    g https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:242
    $digest https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:254
    $apply https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:257
    l https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:209
    onload https://www.[...]/wp-content/plugins/matomo/assets/js/asset_manager_core_js.js?v=3.13.0?cb=1494ff302c87ece47fcad6d7d8580c0b:215

I already tried to remove the plugin completely and to start from scratch but I was not successful.

Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

when you look at the network tab in the developer tools, can you maybe see some resources not being loaded? Like an HTML file or so?


I checked that. But no, everything is marked with a green status 200.

Best Regards

Any chance you can give us access to your WordPress? You could create a new user assigning a Matomo role this way we shouldn’t have access to any of the other data in your WordPress (not tested though).

Sure. I could send you the credentials as a PM. But how can I send a PM?


Please send per mail it to hello at

I just sent an e-mail.
Thanks for your support.
Best Regards.

Thanks for sending us the login details. It seems like there might be some PHP error maybe. Is there any chance you could check your PHP and/or webserver logs to see if there is any error? You might also want to have a look at WP_DEBUG: I have an issue with the plugin, how do I troubleshoot and enable debug mode? FAQ - Analytics Platform - Matomo
It seems some requests simply don’t return data.

thanks for investing the issue.
I just enabled Debug mode as described in the FAQ but no messages appeared on my site.
I then added

define( 'WP_DEBUG_LOG', true );

but also no log file appeared in /wp-content/.

Do you have any further ideas?

Thanks and best Regards.