Matomo WordPress with an independent Database

Hello, has someone tried using an independent Database for the Matomo Data with the Plugin “Matomo for WordPress”?

Is this possible to achieve?

I would also like to know this!

When updating a live site we sometimes have to push new data from the staging environment, but of course the Matomo data will never be in sync with the staging database. It would be nice if Matomo could write all it’s data to a second database with its own username and password which just stores all the Matomo tables of which there are a lot!

So it would like this normal wordpress database


Second database for just Motomo tables


Just installed the “Matomo On-Premise” version and manually added the tracking code to the site. That seems like the best solution for now.

Would still be nice if you could choose to give the Wordpress version separate database credentials. Because having the WP interface is a great feature.

Yes, we also had to migrate to on-premise because of this. Would be a nice feature for the WordPress version.