Matomo Wordpress Plugin Error

Hi I am seeing the following when trying to clear old db entries over 365 days old.

I have the latest version of the matomo wordpress plugin installed Version 4.11.0. I was trying to clear old data as some reports are taking a while to build. My wordpress is on a Vultr VPS.

Does anyone know how I could fix please?

Thank you,


Ok, I have worked out to increase the php memory limit to 512m but now getting this error:

matomo the string privacymanager purgining data was not loaded in javascript. make suite it is added in the translate.getclient sidetransitionkeys hook

How do I fix this please?

Thank you!

Can you explain where and when you get the error? And share the exact message.

Hi Philippe, The error that mentioned javascript was on the general health page report of the wordpress plugin version.

As my site speed is important to me I decided to install matomo on my own VPS and until the wordpress plugin. Since having matomo on my own VPS the report create much quick and seem to run well. Hopefully this will remain the case as the database fills up over time.

Thanks for your interest.


Maybe some installation error (file corruption, file missing?)