Matomo Wordpress broke after HTTPS migration

Hi there,

SOLVED, but not Understood.
On 10.February, I followed this procedure for upgrading the site from http to https:

On 7.June or thereabouts, the piwik tracking code stopped working.
I just tried to change the plugin settings to the path https instead of http and now it is working. Yay!
But why the delay in breaking?


I’ve been using self-hosted piwik since 2012.

Some months ago the plugin stopped showing any data within wordpress, but tracking was still working and data viewable at https://

In trying to track down problem with the plugin about two weeks ago, I did notice this error in the plugin configuration page, but tracking was still working at that point.
“WP-Matomo 1.0.21 was not able to connect to Matomo using your configuration. Check the »Connect to Matomo« section below.” I asked for help with the plugin on wordpress forums. Have received no response there.

Checking back a few days later I realized that tracking also stopped working.

Trying to follow the instructions above, using firefox I opened Developer Tools and clicked network and then filtered for piwik and nothing appears.

How should I fix it?

Thank you for your help!