Matomo Woocommerce plugin creating new sessions for each new ecommerce order

Every time an ecommerce order is placed a separate session is created. I think it should be logged in the same session along with the other actions but it is being logged in a new session. Can you please have a look at the following video and suggest some solution for it?

Please have a look at the attached video and help me to fix this issue. Thank you so much in advance!

Can you reproduce this (client-side) and provide the whole (smallest as possible) HTTP requests to your Matomo, (with timings)?

Nope, sorry I could not reproduce this issue on another Matomo instance.

Not on another instance, but on this specific instance (the one where you encounter the issue).
If you don"t have the HTTP traffic from your browser, you may get it from the Apache connections log…

Hello, Sorry not to open a new topic, but I think we have the same issue and maybe sharing our insights can help to solve this :slight_smile:

We are having the same problem on every ecommerce order. A new visitor profile is being generated just after the checkout.

The main issue is that the new profile is not related to the original one and this alwats appears as “Direct Entry”.

We are using Matomo Cloud with Wordpress and Woocommerce plugins.

I’ve got the HTTP log from the last purchase (screenshot above), every request since the visitor first arrived to the site until exit. It’s 150 lines long, not sure what to look for or how to filter/reduce it. How should I share it with you? Should I remove the IP?

Thank you very much in advance! Correct conversion attribution is crucial.

Hi @Jose_Gomez and @heurteph-ei ,
My best guess is, Matomo uses cookies to store visitor ID but on thank you page it is unable to get visitor ID from cookies due to some reason so it created a new session on that page.

I fixed this issue by manually storing visitor ID and using the same visitor ID on thank you page for Shopify website.

However, @Jose_Gomez if you are using WordPress website and using Woocommerce paid plugin of Matomo then you should contact to @innocraft . It will much fast support and you can share the solution here.

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