Matomo vs. GA4 (compare the numbers)

We’ve recently started testing Matomo on our website, and we have it integrated just like GA4. However, when I compare the numbers, they seem to differ. For instance, in GA4, I see 7,300 users for yesterday, but in Matomo, it’s showing 10,300. In GA4, there are 10,300 page views, while in Matomo, it’s displaying 25,000 (with 11,700 being unique).

Could anyone help clarify which set of numbers is accurate?

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Data variations between Matomo and GA4 are common due to differences in data collection methods, sampling, and bot filtering. Ensure that tracking codes are correctly implemented and consider using one platform as your primary data source while understanding the disparities with the other. Consistency and awareness of these factors are key.

Hi @seimax, @Ijaz_khan
There is a FAQ on this subject:

This FAQ is old.It’s wrote for version UA Analytics

Hi @Hamid_Eghbali
Event the FAQ is not form yesterday, the general idea stay true…