Matomo vs. Facebook analytics

Hi there can you explain the difference in clicks comparing matomo to facebook campaign?

Sorry can’t add screenshots, but the difference is massive (matomo: 87 clicks - FB: 733 clicks)

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I don’t know much about facebook, but the most common reasons for differences are Ad-Blocking and DoNotTrack.

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Although this discussion is old:
Facebook users mainly use the Facebook app. That app has an in-app browser that the majority use when they come to the campaign landing page.
The Facebook app is making it increasingly difficult to set the option to use a different browser when displaying the landing page. There are a few posts about this on the web.

But my research shows that the Facebook in-app browser is currently not sending a do-not track.

Also your very good answer @utrautma:
Can only track ~60% from Facebook - General questions - Matomo forums