Matomo visit counts not updating in incognito browser

Matomo Visitors not updating in incognito. Actions are getting updated in incognito mode.
Matomo Version - 4.9.1
PHP - 7.3.33
MySQL - 8.0.28

Hi @Nikhil_Bhade_IN,
What do you mean Matomo Visitors not updating in incognito?
Can you describe the scenario?

Hi Philippe,
I am currently trying to view change in visitors when I visit my site in incognito mode.
While actions are being incremented, Matomo is unable to differentiate between when I visit when I am in incognito.

Sorry, I don’t understand your goal…
Do you want Matomo makes the difference between a visit in incognito mode and a visit in standard mode of your browser?

Yes. Exactly as you described it/

I think that in most of cases (except in case of bugs as it was in Chrome version prior to 74) it is not possible as browser editors don’t want this kind of browsing can be detected…