Matomo updation to latest version - 4.1.1

Hi Team,
We have Matomo 3.14.1 running on my Production environment with php 7.4.13 & python 2.7.17. We are planning to update latest version 4.1.1.How we can differentiate b/n 3.x & 4.x versions ? From 4.0.0 release note we found that 4.0.0 requires php 7.2.5 & Python 3.x for log analytics. Is it necessary to move to those versions if we update to 4.1.1
Please help us on this.


I am not entirely sure if I understand your question correctly.

Matomo 4 (so all versions starting with 4.0.0) requires at least php 7.2 so you should be fine.

Matomo itself doesn’t need Python at all unless you are using the log analyser feature. If you do, you need to call the script with Python 3.x starting with Matomo 4. But every Linux environment should have a python3 binary installed.

I hope this answers your questions.

Hello Lukas,
Thanks for the answer,
yes i got it, but in my Linux is having Python 2.x installed, so confused. i need another clarification, How we can differentiate b/n 3.x & 4.x versions ? if there are any major changes .


As said, most Linux distribution have both python2 and python3 installed at the same time.

The major change in Log Analytics 4.0 is just that it supports python3 (log analytics 3.0 was python2 only). Apart from that they are quite similar. Of course only log analytics 4 gets developed any further now.
As the log analytics python script is quite separate from the rest of Matomo you can download both versions from (check out the 3.x-dev branch for the old python2-compatible script)

Hello, Thanks for the support.