Matomo Tracking emails and getting Demographic info - Help Please

I am new to Matomo and would like to use it to track my email campaigns. I understand it can generate a tracking pixel which can be inserted into a HTML email. When the email is opened it will then be noted in the Matomo Dasboard under Actions -> Page Titles… I have done this but its basic and only shows it its been opened. I need to to display more info (such as demographics, a map would be nice, device type, browser, ip address. etc) Can Matomo do this and how easy or difficult would it be to implement?

  1. Is it possible to display my email list and show who has opened it? If so how do I do this.
  2. Can I track demographics on the emails opened? ( ip address, country, state, city, device type, browser, etc.) if so how can I do this
  3. Can it track forwards, clicks and reopens? If so how can I implement this.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

In the event that you do not receive an answer. Place an irresistible link to your website in your email. For, surely then, when the user clicks on the link, it will be recorded as a visit and much of the information that you desire will be automatically generated. Do not forget to attach a uid parameter that can correctly identify the user with the email address to whom you sent the email.