Matomo Tracking Code causes loading error and blocked IP

I hope someone here can help me.
I installed Matomo On Premise a few days ago (for wordpress) but customized the tracking code following a tutorial I found in an actually professional article. I added the tracking code in Wordpress under “Avada” > “Advanced Settings” > “Code fields” and here at the top of “Tracking Code”. Here is the code, which I have inserted:

Unfortunately, a very big problem has now occurred.
The tracking causes a loading error in the background with every page load. These loading errors are evaluated by the server and after these loading errors are produced more often with multiple loading of pages, the server evaluates this as an attack and blocks the connection to the visitor. Can someone please help me? What is wrong with the tracking code?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help!
Best regards

There is no code, here… :cry:
Can you also share the JavaScript Console and the Network console of your browser?

thank you so much for answering! I am very happy, because I could solve the problem.
Best regards,