Matomo track function receives no value for strings


I want to track custom values inside Matomo. Therefore I wrote a custom function that tracks events and values:

function matomoTrack(
  evtCategory: string,
  evtValue = '',
  evtName: MatomoEventName = MatomoEventName.Goto,
  evtAction: MatomoEventAction = MatomoEventAction.Click,
) {
  const _paq = window._paq || [];
  _paq.push(['trackEvent', evtCategory, evtAction, evtName, evtValue]);

This works fine when matomo receives numeric values as a string.

When I try to send strings which are non numerals (but they are from type string) Matomo outputs the following: EventCategory - 1 - 1 [0] .
I already implemented the code in other parts of my code and it works fine for values like 1234566 (which are basically strings from our backend)

It seems that Matomo does not recognize non numerals here. It always outputs [0] when I try to send a string like ‘Hello World’.
I already debugged the code and the push function recives the correct values.

Any input is appreciated.

Hi @Preefix
By design the event value is a number: