Matomo to BigQuery or other access to raw data

Hi all,

I am currently exploring ways to enhance our analytics capabilities, and I am particularly interested in gaining access to the raw data collected by Matomo for further analysis. My goal is to connect Matomo to Google BigQuery to leverage its powerful capabilities for handling large datasets.

I would appreciate any insights or guidance from the community on the following:

  1. Connecting Matomo to Google BigQuery:
  • Has anyone successfully connected Matomo to Google BigQuery to access raw data?
  • Are there specific plugins or tools, like Tableau integrations, that streamline this process?
  1. Alternative Methods for Accessing Raw Data:
  • Aside from Google BigQuery, are there other recommended methods for accessing raw data from Matomo?
  • Are there plugins or third-party tools that simplify the extraction of raw data for external analysis?

Thank you in advance for your time and assistance!
Best regards,