Matomo Tag Manager Tracking Code on Wordpress Plugin

I started to work with Matomo Cloud using a wordpress plugin to install the Matomo Code on the websites. Since i wanted to check if my tags work properly I manually installed the Matomo Tag Manager code in the wordpress plugin. The tag Manager code is supposed to replace the standard code due to otherwise potentially risking a double tracking; however in my case I am unable to replace the standard code without the tracking completly collapsing for no reason. I made sure to compare the Data with Google analytics while i got both the standard code and the tag manager code installed, it seems to work fine while also tracking Tags like it´s supposed to do. I still want to properly replace the standard code to avoid any troubles I might get for double tracking, so I would be gratefull if somebody tells me how to do it properly. Just simply deleting it and replacing it with tag manager code doesn´t work out.

Hi @kgf

You can choose the way you want to track the visitors (MTM or normal tracking) from the menu Matomo Analytics > Settings: choose the option Tag manager in the Add tracking code select box.
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