Matomo Tag Manager Debug Mode is weird

Hello there. Due to the drama about Google and Data security we try to adapt to Matomo Cloud instead. This is sadly not without its shortcomings tho, as the tracker in the Preview mode does not really a good job at fullfilling its purpose. The fact that Debug Mode did not work to begin with got thankfully resolved, but there are still a few other issues such as the Previwe Window not being able to show more than 1 Tag getting fired unless i view it in the logs (which show a lot of other stuff as well, so it´s very tideous to say the least); if that wasn´t enough some of the tags in Matomo don´t seem to be working as intended, despite being build in the same way like in the GTM counterpart.
We are working on that issue for months now. I can´t turn the tracker live without being assured that everything works as it should.
Communication with the support is slow, so maybe anyone in the forum got a solution for me instead? Any help is appreciated a lot, thank you in advance.

Yes, I am having similar issues. Tag manager preview mode doesn’t show the tags being triggered, even though the events are being recorded just fine.

Can you illustrate this issue?
Also about the logs “alternative”, which logs are you talking about? (browser network logs, Apache logs, Matomo visits logs, etc?)

Which ones ? Which symptoms?

The same: can you illustrate this feature?