Matomo Tag Manager Cookie Consent

we have integrated the meta pixel via the Matomo tag manager. Unfortunately it is loaded without user consent. In Google tag manager we usually add a condition for the consent to be accepted via a variable. Is it possible to do something similar in Matomo tag manager? Or did we miss something when we installed Matomo?
Thank you!

Matomo Tag Manager doesn’t have a built-in mechanism for consent, you’ve got to build it yourself using a cookie variable (based on the consent cookie availability) and setting up exceptions on tag firing.

Thank you very much! I managed to build the condition.

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Glad to hear that! Good job!

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Hi @mln_itx
Can you share the solution, for the Matomo community?

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Hello Philippe,
sorry for the late answer.
I had to get in contact with the provider of the cookie banner we use. They helped me with the proper names of the variables and then I could build the condition, that the variable for accepted consent must be true.