Matomo Tag in Google Tag Manager E-Commerce

Hello Everyone,

First of all, I use a GA4 datalayer, from GA4 Enhance E Com Module Prestashop

Actually, my client implemented a Matomo account (in-premise for now) but we still used Google Tag Manager and GTM.

Currently, there is one template i choose to use in Google Tag Manager in order to track purchases, add_to_cart, view_item on Matomo but it seems like old GA;

I’ve filled the fields with same variables as GA4, but I notice only 1 conversion since I have implemented the tag, 4 days ago.

I don’t know why only 1 was tracked and the others not.
Is there a reason about my setup why it is not functional ? Or maybe, if we already track on GA4, can we also track on Matomo ?

I’d like ton understand the issue, thanks very much for your answer !


Not sure, but isn’t it what this plugin has been created for?

Hello, thanks for your answer.

With this plugin, is it possible to have a GA4 dataLayer and track events in Matomo which have a GA4 nomenclature.

Alternatively, I’m using GTM for the moment, and I don’t have a direct access to my customer’s website.

Is it possible to use GTM as Tag Manager but transform GA4 nomenclature in Matomo nomenclature in order to track these datas in Matomo, for E-Commerrce mainly (ProductName and ProductID for a purchase because the purchases are tracked on Matomo but not the name and ID currently )

Thanks very much :slight_smile: