Matomo Setup Wizard Issues

Hello! This is my first shot at installing Matomo on a fresh FreeBSD server. After getting past a whole host of install issues (probably due to my lack of PHP experience more than anything) I can’t seem to get through the setup “wizard”. I get the Matomo setup page and I start clicking through until I get to the Add Superuser step. When I put in my superuser information and click next it redirects me to back to the first page. None of the Nginx logs show any errors. The URL looks like this however still shows the welcome page. I did see a 500 error in the console log on Chrome but I’m not sure if that’s related or not. I’m really not sure where to go from here so any help would be really appreciated, Thanks!


That should not happen. I guess the 500 error is related, so maybe you can check the logs again if there is anything related.
Otherwise you could try out to get the error message.

Hi. I’m using *Matomo* (dockerized) inside a development group. Every time a person deploys the product, he/she needs to go to / matomo / and follow the wizard steps. I know there are some Env variables to pre-configure the database fields

Hi @Asim_Riaz,

This should be what you are looking for: