Matomo server side

in server side (no javascript) configuration is there a way to get and put in matomo this fields?



Hi @Alessio_Cavalieri,
How would you the server know these values, as only the browser has these info…? (except maybe for time_server)

this is my question. First idea is get value from browser (how?) do ajax call to server with this value and send this value to matomo

When you write “server side”, how do you proceed? Importing server logs, or via some server-side API?

I think some server-side API

Do you use HTTP API or some server-side coding API?

I don’t use anything, I asked a question about how this data could be obtained.

If you use the low lever HTTP API, (and you have a mean to measure that), everything is possible…

To measure the server-timing, you start some timer at the request reception, then stop the timer at the end of the processing, and you get almost the time_server (to be used to fill the pf_srv parameter)
For other, if you are server-side, you won’t be able to get the info…