Matomo reporting wrong version of PHP

I wonder if anyone can advise, please?

I fired up Matomo this morning for the first time in a little while and got the warning

" To run Matomo you need at least PHP version 7.2.5

Unfortunately it seems your webserver is using PHP version 5.6.40."

This is a bit odd because I am running on 7.4 and that is the highest version my host’s C-Panel will allow.

Any ideas?

Many thanks!

Hi @nigelt
I am not an expert on infrastucture, but maybe it is possible to run a web application and select the PHP version that is used?

Most likely you installed PHP 7.4 on the server and you still have 5.6.40 installed but activated for the domain.

You’ll have to change the domain’s PHP version to be be 7.4, maybe this will help.

Also I’d reach out to cPanel support as well, they gonna be able to guide you too.

Sidenote, personally I prefer the latest PHP version (8+) as the 7+ versions have EOL already gone, and their security updates are limited. i.e. check here you can see PHP 7.4 had EOL in November 28, 2022 and security updates not updated anymore after.

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Yes indeed. I do have that facility in my hosting control panel and at present have selected the highest available which is 7.4.

The problem I have is that whilst I am running 7.4 Matomo tells me it thinks I am running 5.6.40 and tells me the lowest I can use is 7.2.5 - which is still lower than the 7.4 which I am using! All a bit strange!

#Stop press# I have just reselected an older PHP version and reverted back to 7.4. This is confirmed by running phpinfo.php. It would seem C Panel had a glitch somewhere. All is now OK!

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Thank you too, for your comments.

I have now resolved it but I totally agree that there is a need to upgrade the PHP installation. Unfortunately this is in the hands of the dreadful hosting company who really are EOL themselves. I am now in the process of moving to a modern hosting service who currently offer PHP v8.2.

Great! yep, it’s a bit annoying sometimes, glad you sorted it out:)

This is the way (lol) : D