Matomo Raw Data export in Tableau


we use matomo on Perm, is it possile to get access to raw data with Tableau?

I can connect to MySQL directly, but I am not sure if it is a correct approach.


Hello Katya, I do basically the same thing for myself and some clients (except in Power BI)

If your dashboard needs a lot of data to refresh and/or you want to be able to look back for a long period, you may want to consider using a second database and periodically syncing it with the database that Matomo uses during periods of low load. This way refreshing the data in your dashbaord won’t cause extra load on the Matomo instance itself. You’ll need to use views (basically queries that live in the database) to actually create the tables you wish to import in Tableau since the structure of the Matomo DB is quite different than the reports themselves.

If you only need to show something simple like last months or quarters main metrics then using the analytics API may be the best solution.