Matomo only displaying real time visits

Hi !

Thank you by advance for you help !

I installed Matomo on-premises on AlmaLinux 8.6.
Database is on mariadb 10.3.

There are no reports on the Matomo interface, it shows only real time visits.
So visits reports are empty, as all other reports.

I looked at my server httpd (apache) logs, and i seen the incoming http posts to matomo.php, so this is probably not a networking problem.

I looked also in my database, and there are no entries in the matomo_log_visits database.

I enabled tracker debug mode, but i did not seen any errors.
This is very weired as i have seen errors nowhere (not in apache, matomo, etc) …

I have no idea of what could be the problem. I suspect database issue, but not sure.

Please tell me if you need more informations.
Thanks !

The database is now receiving informations…
This is very weird as I did not modified anything, and the problem was existing since last week.

I’m sorry but I can’t give you more informations on this problem, I do not understant what happened.

I close this topic, thanks.

Hi @thiblcr
This is due to archiving process: