Matomo on the same server of the websites

I’m changing server …

and i was thinking that all the sites i monitor with matomo are on the same server as matomo …

Will there be a faster and lighter way to get Matomo to work than going through a different url than the site url?

Maybe via php? Maybe including something like /var/www/hmtl/matomo_dir/ matomo.php? Maybe with a symlink?

It can be done? It might work?

Nobody… :pensive: please… tomorrow i have to move matomo…


I’m sorry, but I think I don’t fully understand your problem. What are you trying to achive?

The Matomo JS tracking code directly calls matomo.php, I don’t know what could be faster and lighter than that.

Will it be faster to include a file in php than to resolve another domain ???


The data comes from your visitors browser, so they need to make the HTTP request to your server anyway to get the data there. Then it is the most straightforward way to send it directly to the Matomo Tracking API (which is what the JS tracking does)

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