Matomo On-Premise Geolocation issue

Am using matomo onpremise version 4.1.0. Before Geolocation setup it was showing all the users from United States in the Location tab under Visitors. After a period of time i have done setup of DBIP/GeoIP 2 (Php ) in Geolocation but still in the new data tracked after setup is done it is showing most of the user from United States and only 1-2 users from Netherlands. Ideally it should show all the Users from Netherlands.

  1. What can be the reason ? Is it still mapping the old users to old location and only new users are correctly mapped ?
  2. I also tried "php ./console usercountry:attribute 2012-01-01,2013-01-01"in the cmd but am getting error as “Could not open input file: ./console”. I also tried “C:\Program Files (x86)\PHP\v8.0>php ./console usercountry:attribute 2012-01-01,2013-01-01
    Could not open input file: ./console” but same error.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Paresh Badgujar


Can you check if the IP addresses of the users are really their IP addresses and not the IP address of a reverse proxy in front of the webserver?

This is unrelated, but the command assumes you are currently in the Matomo directory. Otherwise you need to use /the/path/to/matomo/console instead.

Hi Lukas,

Thanks for your prompt reply

We are using the reverse proxy in front of the webserver

Then this guide might help: